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Lighting by Gregory has its own In House Certified Lighting Designer

Ask Cliff About Lighting


cliff-portrait-2.jpgClifford Starr is the Chief Lighting Designer for Lighting by Gregory. As the Chief Designer, he has been instrumental in the educating and training of the sales staff as well as being responsible for all the purchasing that has led Lighting by Gregory to become a household name in the NY/NJ metropolitan area. 

In addition to his Engineering and Electrical background, he hold degrees in both Hotel and Restaurant Management from Florida International University and has been involved in the opening of numerous restaurants around the country including New York’s Hard Rock Cafe. While working there, he was asked by his step brother to help him open up what is now known as Lighting by Gregory, where he has remained since 1984.

He is a problem solver with a vast knowledge of product lines and continuously monitor new products, companies, and technologies.

He has a profound understanding of the way light can be used to influence moods and affect the size of the space as well as the well being of the people that are within it. His expertise in the field of lighting can help you to expand your imagination and make it a reality.

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