Make Your Small Space Bigger Without Using White

Make Your Small Space Bigger Without Using White

Posted by Lighting by Gregory on Jul 26th 2017

Living in a small space means getting creative not only in terms of layout, but also in terms of appearance. Whether you’re living in a studio apartment, a tiny condo in NYC, or a small house on the outskirts of a big city you’ve most likely heard that in order to make your space look bigger everything should be white: white paint, white appliances, white cabinets, and white furniture.

However, too much white can actually wash out your living space! All that white can be particularly disconcerting for interior designers looking to sell the space. Fortunately, there is a way you can rejuvenate your small living space and give it a larger appearance without introducing it to the style of Hospital Chic. And that way is proper lighting.

Use Modern Recessed Lighting Where You Can
Modern recessed lighting is often used for the kitchen and bathroom area because it provides the room with a pleasant glow. However, if used correctly you can take it throughout your living space for the appearance of natural lighting. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about taking up floor space with lamps.

Yet before you decide to use modern recessed lighting in your design make sure that you plan out the location of your lights. Highlight specific areas such as along the walls, which will reflect the light off the surface to help spread it across the room. If you’re strategic about where you place your modern recessed lighting you can give your small space a classy appearance without causing your ceiling to look like abstract Swiss cheese.

Use Accent Lighting For Accent Pieces
Being in a small space doesn’t give you a lot of room for knick-knacks. Adding bold pieces to make your place look modern and appealing can often take up precious space. This is why, when decorating a small apartment or home, it’s important to choose decor that serves a double-purpose. For instance, an island may take up space in a small, open-concept kitchen, but it benefits the homeowner if the island doubles as a bookshelf, eating place, or desk.

The same should be true for your lighting. Depending on your style, you can use Bowery lighting, Leucos lighting, Holtkotter lighting, or Dimond lighting as both beautiful, modern pieces of art and for their intended purpose: lighting. Out of the total energy consumed in a modern home, lighting makes up 7% to 10% of it. Therefore, use your lighting for all it’s worth.

A combination of modern recessed lighting and elegant, bold accent lights can help you achieve a beautiful aesthetic effect in your small living space. You can give your space a larger appearance with lighting along the walls, ceilings, and hidden in the artwork of modern accent lights. And all this without the need of ridding your home of any of its unique and colorful personality.