Design too Dull? Brighten it Up with These Simple Tips

Design too Dull? Brighten it Up with These Simple Tips

Posted by Lighting by Gregory on Aug 24th 2016

It can be easy to fall into the trap of traditional and neutral interior designs. After all, nothing looks more classic than a chic couch or a modern coffee table. Neutral colors and tones also go well together, which is why they’re so commonly used in interior design; they can perform their own function while allowing another piece to shine.

But designs can easily go from classic to dull if too much of your design matches. Because designing the interior of a home isn’t just a task, but an experience, here are some ways you can embolden the interior design of your living space.

Break The Rules 

One of the best ways to get out of neutral-color flow is by throwing a rock into the stream. That is, instead of adhering to color schemes and palettes that match and make your design too white or too tan, use pops of color that clash.

Orange and lavender together may sound horrendous, but when put into a design with other colors they create a quirky, bohemian look that can give your design the little bit of flavor it needs.

If you’re worried about the dining area looking too drab, consider spicing it up by switching out some of the chairs. Of course, mismatching furniture can often look unintentional and awkward if not done correctly. For this reason, while breaking the rules of design is encouraged here try to use at least some form of cohesion between the pieces such as color (contrasting or not) or style.

Get Fun With Fixtures 

If you, or your client, aren’t into bold colors or mismatching furniture, another way you can spice up your design is by using eclectic and modern fixtures, like Lightolier fixtures, throughout the home. This also comes in handy if a renovation is aesthetically needed, but isn’t in the budget. You can enliven a space in the smallest of ways by simply changing the knobs on cupboard doors or the fixtures in the bathrooms.

Light fixtures can also do a world of wonders for your design. Modern lighting often comes in a variety of quirky and eclectic looks that can dazzle your clients or guests without even changing the decor in the room. And there’s a variety of styles and designs to choose from: Dimond lighting, Fontana Arte lighting, George Kovac lighting, Leucos lighting, and Lightolier fixtures each come with their own personality. Whether you like lamps or chandeliers, you can find the right kind of lighting for your room.

Lighting as a way to embolden a design is a great idea for smaller living spaces. Most studio apartments or small homes don’t have a lot of room for decor that doesn’t have a double function. Therefore, by using one of the three types of interior lighting — ambient, task, or accent — you can not only spice up the design, but also provide the space with additional light at no cost to the space’s functionality.

By breaking the design rules of color and matching as well as using quirky fixtures you can turn an interior design from dull and drab to bold and fab. Even the smallest of changes like using sleek Lightolier fixtures or a fun Fontana Arte accent lamp, you can give your design a sense of life again.