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Bruck Jas Glass - K74078blu

Manufacturer: Bruck Lighting Systems
Product Code: BRK-K74078blu
Manufacturer Code: K74078blu

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Cost: $135.00

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Bruck Jas Glass - K74078blu

The stunning glass from Bruck Lighting is hand blown in various locations across the globe, including Italy, Austria, Germany and the United States. Professional glass making, which originated during the Roman Empire, is a painstaking process where only true perfection is accepted and the rejected pieces are broken up and recycled. All of our glass artisans are highly experienced and gifted in the art of glass making. These artisans choose only the top quality glass batch to start off their process. Then, the glass is meticulously mouth blown in a series of furnaces ranging in temperature, as to create the perfect shape. Since each piece is individuality hand blown, every item is a unique and rare piece of art. No one in the world will have the same exact piece of glass. As the glass is being refined in the multi-furnace process, different colors of glass are added, making it a multi colored cornucopia of depth and hue. Finally, fine craftsman tools are used to finalize the shape of the glass. The result is a superb conversation starter for any location. Since each piece is created entirely by hand, each glass is unique, baring slight differences from glass to glass. Like all fine art, each and every piece in exclusive and magnificent. Bruck Lighting’s glass, like the Mona Lisa or the Venus Di Milo, is a magnificent, timeless and unique piece of art

Fixture Type: Glass
Collection Name: Jas
Glass: Blue Matte Glass

Dimensions: H 2.4

  • Blue Matte Glass
  • The Jas inner shade is made of cased glass made in cobalt. When illuminated, the inner glass gives the outer white glass a colorful glow. The Jas glass is for use with V/A Chandelier I and V/A Chandelier II as well as the LED and Halogen MPS system
  • Available in amber, white and blue glass colors

  • Overall Dimensions: 2.4" W x 7" Dia
Manufacturer Name: Bruck Lighting Systems

Product Information

Collection Description: Jas has an inner shade crafted of cased glass made in cobalt. When illuminated, the inner glass gives the outer white glass a colorful even glow.

Additional Dimension Information

Height: 2.4
Depth: 7
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