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Bruck Power Suppy - 150118

Manufacturer: Bruck Lighting Systems
Product Code: BRK-150118
Manufacturer Code: 150118

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Bruck Power Suppy - 150118

Bruck is internationally recognized as a leader in the development of innovative lighting systems with particular emphasis in the application of low voltage, halogen light sources and LED. The pioneer of a new approach to design, Bruck places three-dimensional technology at the forefront. Since the beginning, Bruck has been a developer and promoter of new standards in aesthetics, product quality and safety. Low voltage halogen light has evolved into one of the most highly demanded forms of lighting, finding extensive and varied applications in most styles of architecture. Much of the interior architecture of our living, working, and leisure spaces would be difficult to conceive without this brilliant, versatile, and stable light

Fixture Type: Power Suppy

  • The Power Supply Cable is tin-plated and composed of 300 strands of conductive copper wire coated with transparent plastic insulation
  • Stranded cable improves conductivity and lessens voltage drop in comparison to solid cables
  • The 10 gauge cable is sufficient for up to 20', the 8 gauge cable can be used when longer runs are necessary
  • Ordered by the foot

  • 10 or 8 gauge stranded cable
  • 300W max capacity
Manufacturer Name: Bruck Lighting Systems
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